Canoelands Brewery – surely Sydney’s most remote

For something different to do and when I’ve got time on my hands, I’ve occasionally driven to Wollombi/Laguna via Wiseman’s Ferry. During the COVID19 lockdown we all needed something different to do and there was no shortage of free time.

It also gives me an opportunity to visit what I regard as Sydney’s most remote breweries. The Canoelands Brewery has been brewing beer out of the Stonehouse Cafe since 2015. Whilst there is a nearby suburb called Canoelands, the Stonehouse Cafe is actually found in the equally unknown north eastern Sydney suburb of Maroota.

The only time you’d find yourself near Maroota is if you are playing golf at Riverside Oaks or you are driving to Wiseman’s Ferry. It is worth a stop. Good food, both eat-in and takeaway. The pizzas got the thumbs up from the kids.

The taps and a sneak peek of the brewery

I first visited in 2017. Back in those days, you could get the Canoelands range on tap. They make a pilsner, a porter, a couple of pales and my personal favourite – Ranga’s Revenge, an “Australian Ale”. Very attractive amber colour with a solid malt backbone. At the moment, it is only takeaway stubbies – but they’ve still got the full range. Not many @Untappd drinkers have made it out to Maroota. Barely double digit check-ins for each beer, which is remarkable for a brewery that has been going for five years.

The Wiseman’s Ferry

Going to Maroota, means you’ve really got to get the Wiseman’s Ferry. It isn’t really possible to have a beer on the back of the Wiseman’s Ferry. You aren’t able to get out of your car, and the trip takes all of five minutes. On a clear day, it is a cool but brief view. There’s a couple of pub options on either side of the River. The Wiseman’s Inn Hotel is not bad, but The Settlers Arms in St Albans is a cracker. A great old building that offers a solid feed and fireplaces in winter.

Two great Inns

So Canoelands might be Sydney’s most remote brewery, but there’s more than one reason to visit.

Canoelands Brewery: 1370 Wiseman’s Ferry Road, Maroota NSW