The Staten Island Ferry and Flagship Brewing

Three NYC icons

For me it is sacrilegious to visit New York City and not ride the Staten Island Ferry. In my humble opinion it is the world’s second best commute, but I’m biased. There is so much to love about it. It is free, the views are brilliant, it has a back and depending on the ferry a side, beer is cheap and you are allowed to drink! The beer range is diverse and it was a surprise to see a Foster’s Oil Can available for purchase.

Ferry scenes

They run 24 hours a day. And they are beautiful ferries (albeit the 8 strong fleet is made of boats of different shapes and sizes). Our vessel – the Samuel I Newhouse – is a triple decked behemoth. The iconic blue and orange colour scheme of blue is derived from the New York City flag, which in turn derives its colours from the Dutch Prince’s Flag.

9/11 Memorial

Uncharitable Manhattanites will ask why you are going to Staten Island “Return straight away?”. Well even with walking distance of the St.George wharf are plenty of things to do. There’s an outlet mall, which gives clothing bargains to Aussies, despite the current exchange rate slaughtering. The Staten Island 9/11 memorable is simple, unique and moving. A bucket list item for me is to see a Staten Island Yankees game from the stadium that provides harbour views including the Statue of Liberty. I’ve just got to stop visiting in winter.

Brewery scenes

And then of course there is the Flagship Brewing Co. Only a few blocks from the wharf, this a great place to wile away a couple of hours (at least). There’s even a fireplace (which is actually not that uncommon in US breweries – gees it gets cold in NYC. On our visit we were joined by the new head brewer. Mark is a veteran of the NYC brewing scene and a walking guidebook on where to go and not to go. (Tips that proved accurate and invaluable).

A couple of great logos

I’ve seen Flagship on tap around NYC, but there are a number of taproom exclusives available to try. Flagship’s joined the “Hard Seltzer” fad and has one on tap. The Hard Seltzer craze is very recent and reminds me of the wine cooler fad of 1987-88. Alcoholic carbonated water with fruit flavouring. Nothing good will come of this.

Fortunately they also serve a wonderful Oyster Stout and a Blood Orange IPA (BotD) amongst others.

The merch is good and the couches comfy. Don’t forget to have an “Unforgettable Beer Brewed in the Forgotten Borough”.

Flagship Brewing Co: 40 Minthorne Street, Staten Island, New York, USA.