Induction – Kai #115

Kai has moved about the world that much it’s hard to pin down his pedigree. Though his fastidious nature and in-depth knowledge of the Deutsche ‘alternative’ film industry hints at a German heritage.


Kai is a lower northern beaches resident and a superb surfer. All the more impressive as he stands at 6’3″ and it takes some skill to get that frame moving with the litheness that surfing demands. No one ever has to surf alone as Kai always seems to be able to drop everything and join you in an instant…while I think of it, same goes for anyone having an orange whip or three at Nomads Brewery.

Favourite beverage: Franziskaner Weißbier (Wheat Beer)

Favourite sport to spectate: Surfing

Area of trivial expertise: British and German Classic Cars

Favourite pub and why: The Holly Bush, Hampstead, London – Honest, feel good pub food

The induction ceremony was performed by Inductees #1, #2, #90 and #101. Post induction rituals were held at the Manly Skiff Club.