Drinking in Kuala Lumpur – it isn’t about craft beer I

Taps Beer Bar

As alluded in earlier posts I didn’t come to Malaysia to drink craft beer. That said, I couldn’t come all this way and see what’s available. It doesn’t take long. The stranglehold Heineken Asia Pacific and Carlsberg Malaysia have here in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia more widely is just extraordinary. Whether it is the Hilton, 7-11, Hawker Stalls or any of the expat pubs in Bangsar or Bukit Bengsar – range is the same. I stumbled across a dodgy Indian operated bottlo that sold cans of 12% rocket fuel beer. Customers just sat on the floor and got comfortably numb drinking 3 Horses Super Strong. Even though Napex Brewery is in nearby Port Klang, I haven’t spotted any Legend Lager in KL.

Approach with caution

The two craft beer venues are nice and close to each other and are close enough to a venue every tourist should experience – namely Jalan Alor Night Food Court. They are also near the Bukit Bintang bar area where faux Irish abounds. I did stumble across a Beerfarm IPL in a Peruvian bar. Long way from Metricup to Malaysia.

Taps and fridges full of goodness

Taps Beer Bar is your traditional craft beer tap house. 14 taps serving an eclectic range from Rogue, BrewDog, Hitachino, Young Master (HK), Pasteur Street and a Canadian brewer I haven’t seen before – Phillips Brewing. There’s also fridges full of craft beer including offerings from Green Beacon, Temple, Hop Nation and our old mates – Two Birds. Tasting paddles of three are available and pints come in at Aussie prices.

The bar snacks are cheap from an Australian perspective and burgers are around $11AUD. A good place to have a few air conditioned settlers before tackling Jalan Alor.

Beer Bank neons

The other venue, which is a full 150m away is Beer Bank. This is a bottle shop out the back of a supermarket that doubles up as a bar. Nice little snack menu and it is all very civilised. 15 fridges full of beer from all over the world. The nice touch is the fridge full of cold glasses to pour your beer in. Great #beerglassphemy opportunities. Can get a little exxy, but given how much you save on street eating this is an indulgence worth having.

Fridges and location

Taps Beer Bar: A-0-3 One Residency, 1 Jalan Nagasari Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur

Beer Bank: 86, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur