Drinking on the Back of the Butterworth Ferry

The Penang-Butterworth ferry

There’s a wonderful ferry service between Penang Island (George Town) and Butterworth, which is on the mainland. A fleet of peacock blue ferries shuttle back on forth on a 20 minute voyage. Trucks, cars, motor bikes and pedestrians avail themselves of the service. For pedestrians it is free between Penang and Butterworth but 1.2 Ringgit (42 cents).for the return voyage.

Ferry patrons

Butterworth is dismissed by the guidebooks and I didn’t have much time so I pretty much turned straight around, though the terminal has an air conditioned food court with Wifi.


The ferries run like the Manly Ferry. Engines at both ends. The best back is the bottom deck, where you are outdoors and can get a greater degree of views. Probably a two pace trip though the Asians love a 300ml can. Also no vendors at either end sold beer, so best you plan in advance.

Penang beerp0rn

I enjoyed a Royal Stout brewed by Carlsberg Malaysia. 5.5%ABV. A Oncer™. Very rough finish.