Two Rupees Brewing – a friendly find

A trait of the craft brewing community is its friendliness. Maybe if someone is having a bad day, you might cop some ‘tude, but typically visitors to breweries are welcomed like long lost friends.

Danny (on the right)

I had read about Two Rupees in the Crafty Pint and knew that the two owners were Sri Lankan. I spied one manning the barbie in his elephant apron as I made my way to the bar. The other was manning the six taps. No sooner was I sipping on my beer than Danny came up to me with a beaming smile. When he found out that I had made to Clayton from Sydney he was overjoyed. Beers flowed and Danny introduced me to Amila – his Brewing partner. Many Sri Lankan friends were having some beers and Danny proudly told them all “This guy’s from Sydney!”

T-shirt to come

The brewery is modest in size. The boys turn out two varieties at a time and complement their own beer with an occasional keg from Fury & Son (“Great Guys”). A brown, a red, a pilsner and an Easy were on. The star of the show is the wit, where the traditional recipe is Sri Lankanised with some cumin added. Great looking beer, which tastes great.

The Spark system

Both buys work as well as manage all aspects of the brewery – so they are taking things slow, whilst enjoying themselves. The Sri Lankan community have rallied and the atmosphere was like a family get together. Danny’s kid ran between patrons’s legs. Two Rupees is a must visit. I look forward to returning and enjoying the hospitality.

Two Rupees Brewing Company: 1/69 Renver Rd, Clayton Vic