Drinking in Mildura – Mildura Brewery Pub

Off to Broken Hill with two daughters to visit another daughter who is working there. Broken Hill is a looong way from Sydney and is not the most practical place to visit on a weekend. Long story, short – we flew to Mildura before doing the straight shot drive to Broken Hill.

Time was of the essence once we eventually arrived in Mildura, but my daughters humoured me by permitting the briefest of visits to the Mildura Brewery Pub. What a space. Housed in the old Astor Theatre, gleaming brew tanks dominate the back of the building. There is still plenty of room for long wooden tables and an expansive bar and kitchen. We were in early and didn’t eat, but the menu looked good and affordable.

The Mildura Brewery was found in the noughties by Stefano Di Pieri and his family. Di Pieri runs a restaurant a couple of doors down from the brewery site and had fame as a TV chef about cooking on boats on the Murray. In 2017, the brewery was sold to Broo Limited – the makers of Broo and Australia Draught. Broo Limited is a listed company and has relocated its head office from Sorrento to Mildura – quite a move. A couple of the old Mildura labels have been retained – Mallee Bull and Honey Wheat. The livery has had an update and the taps are a mix of Mildura beers and some ciders and of course Australia Draught.

Worthy of a much longer visit next time

Mildura Brewery Pub: 20 Langtree Avenue, Mildura, Victoria