Incredible harbour skies on the #botf and great beers

As the #worldsbestcommute we regularly get rewarded with stunning sights on Sydney Harbour as we commute home. This trip, however, was one for the ages. As a storm cell rolled out of the west the small team on the back of the ferry witnessed some superbly ominous cloud formations, some laced with the deepest colours of aquamarine, together with some cracking lightening strikes.

To top this all off we were lucky enough to get some of the latest cans coming out of the team at Nomad Brewing.

As the ropes came off at the Quay we tucked into the Deep Creek Lagerita Lime Sour. The Lagerita is puckeringly sour with a fresh finish. A real palette cleanser to get started.

At the Turn Bar (aka Bradleys Head) we cracked the Deep Creek Aloha Guava Passionfruit Sour.  Yep, the name is a mouthful and the experience is a passion fruit bomb.

As we sliced past Georges Head, and the skies became increasingly onimous, we tried the Deep Creek Droptop Chardonnay Brut IPA. This is spectacularly rich and creamy.

Finally, on approach to Manly Wharf, we had a dessert of the Nomad Supersonic Gold Rush DIPA. This is solid but I feel we have been spoilt by it’s brethren, the Finger Lime and Rainforest Lime variants. Both belters.