A Chinese beer mystery

One of the quirks of China is the number of weird and obscure European labels one finds in the fridges of the local convenience stores. Today I’ve found a beauty.

SuneWBeer (sic) allegedly is produced by the British Caesar Newcastle Wine Industry Limited. They are located at Flat 23, Adventures (sic) Court, 12 Newport Avenue, London E142DN

There’s also “Scotland Newcastle 1749” in prominent writing on the can. Arojnd the rim the boast is “Craft & High Quality” “Original Beer is not diluted”. So WTF.

Some googling reveals the following:

  1. There is an Adventurers Court at 12 Newport Road E14 2DN
  2. There was a brewery called Scottish & Newcastle that was founded in 1749, until it became defunct in 2008 when a consortium of Heineken and Carlsberg (both big in China) took it over and broke it up

There is no British Caesar…(except in @Untappd) on the Internet.

The biggest shock is what comes out of the can. Almost a ruby dark brown with a malty nose and a rounded caramel finish. Just really, really odd. Could be fake or could be a weird sideline for Heineken or Carlsberg who both brew under licence in China.

Killing time because my plane to Lijiang has been delayed 9 hours. Train travel flawless. Plane travel is like beers from a Chinese convenience store – you don’t know what you’ll get.