Bar crawling @changiairport

A Bar in a cactus garden

Your correspondent is on a flying visit to Koh Samui for a mate’s wedding. Trying to do it on the cheap and using frequent flyers. In my haste to snaffle a full trip on points (a miracle), I didn’t notice that I’d set myself up for an 8 hour layover between midnight and 8am at Changi Airport, Singapore.

Wise words from Harry

Remarkably, there’s more than enough nightlife in the vast expanses of Changi’s three terminals that 8 hours can be whiled away – but I think I’ll be unconscious on my first day in Koh Samui.

A classy place

The typical venue is a sports bar, but there’s also an outdoor bar in a cactus garden and a taphouse that I’d patronise if it was a standalone venue. All are 24 hour venues and all serve food (though I abstained from anything solid). With a seemingly 24 hour soccer cycle it is the actually possible to stay amused for the duration.

A white tiger

The My first stop was the Carlsberg Sports Bar. Pretty ordinary to be honest, but I was able to get a unique, which is a surprise in Singapore. Tiger White is a half decent citrusy wheat beer – worth a try. The Travellers Cactus Bar is a unique experience. You get to sit in the humid Singapore air in the middle of a Cactus Garden. The highlight is The World is Flat bar. Eight top quality taps, including Moon Dog’s Old Mate Pale Ale. I got to try another unique beer by a Singapore Brewer. Brewlander’s Peace is a “New England Wheat” – and damn fine it was too. Nicely hoppy as well as wheaty. Big fan. The food looked excellent here. Harry’s is a chain of bars in Singapore and there is a Changi outlet. Had a unique porter made by Carlsberg Malaysia here. O’Learys is Boston styled sports bar & grill with a long bar at which you can sit and drink overpriced Tiger.

Sport and more sport

There are worse ways to spend a layover.