Queen Makeda Grand Pub & ancient Rome

One of the benefits of hunting down craft beer venues in various cities is that it often exposes you to parts you never ordinarily visit. And then when you are in a city like Rome you might pass some of the greatest architectural achievements in ancient history.


Beer Waterfall? Yes, please!

This was the case when I dragged Mrs botf and the family plus brother #3 to the Queen Makeda Grand Pub. The Queen was about two klics from our AirBNB apartment but on the walk we passed the Colosseum, the Forum, Palatine Hill and the Circus Maximus . I mean, wow. Not a bad list of to entertain the train of relatives.

Probably worth mentioning how I do drag family members to craft beer venues when they don’t quite share my passion for the subject matter. I call it the ‘Lead and Gap’ method.

Here are the steps to make it work.

  1. If venue does not have food options (or wine) that might entice Mrs botf and the kids be vague about the fact or just say that they always have something with pulled pork.
  2. It’s critical that only you know where the venue is – crucial for the next step to work.
  3. When underway always lead the group by a distance that is just out of hearing range from the main party. This ensures (a) that a cracking pace is maintained by all as they’ll get lost if they lose you and (b) any complaints or queries from the main party about where they are going can be conveniently ignored.

Well the Queen Makeda was worth it all. What a place. There were 40 crafties on tap (dubbed the ‘Beer Waterfalls’), a tapas train – modelled on a sushi train and great meals (yes including pulled pork).


A walk thru ancient history

There were also beer taps build into the tables with iPads integrated that displayed the beer and brewery and recorded glasses poured. Sadly the one on our table was out of action.

It is a very large venue that was only moderately full. It is also in what I think is an embassy district so the surrounds are leafy and residential – quite pleasant.

I only made the smallest of dents in the 40 available beers by trying the not-so-smooth Cabossa Stout, the touch brutal Gatta Nera Black IPA, the delicate chocolate goodness of the Punto G bock and I got smacked about by the aptly named Machete Imperial IPA.

Queen Makeda Grand Pub
Address: Via di San Saba, 11 Roma (click for map)