Weib’s Brauhaus & gingerbread mullets

But for a tenuous connection between Mrs botf and this part of Germany we would have never visited. That would been tragic as it is magical. Except for the bogans.

I am not a fan of sweeping generalisations but will always sell out if I need to leverage one as a fact for a story. Someone once said that the Germans refer to Bavarians as bogans and I filed this away to ignore as yet another example of one group needing to look down upon another.


Straight from a Brothers Grimm fairytale

Then I noticed the plethora of mullets, tatts – really bad tatts – and leisure suits in these parts and I was a believer. This may be a little unfair to the local populace as the towns and countryside are stunning – fairytale stunning. With Dinkelsbuhl and nearby Rothenburg you have two of the best preserved medieval walled cities in Europe. Their walls are complete and the towns full of gingerbread houses. This is miraculous given many similar towns have been lost largely due to Allied bombers in WWII having to dump their bombs on the run home after failing to reach their targets further east and south.

It was while exploring the streets of Dinkelsbuhl with Mrs botf that I stumbled upon the Weis Brauhaus. We’d left the offspring back at our hotel – impressively, a converted 15th century grain store – glued to their devices. From the outside the Weis looked like yet another Brothers Grimm fairytale house but upon opening the door and spying the brewing vats I knew we were onto something else. Only two brews are made here, a weiss and a helles. Pretty much the ‘go to’ styles round here. Neither really stood out for me against the backdrop of the raft of these I’d tried in the last few days. However, it brilliant to see a small brewery having a go. We stayed about for dinner which was well worth it – the locals agreed, mullets and all, as the place was as a full as a tic.

Weib’s Brauhaus
Untere Schmiedgasse 13
D-91550 Dinkelsbühl
(click for map)