Paname Brewing & travel is wasted on the young

When your correspondent first went to Europe it was part of the Aussie rite of passage. We had no money, there was no internet and if you didn’t have an erasable pen your Eurail ticket expired when it meant to – not cool.

Other than food and lodging – not to be downplayed given most Aussies travelled in the European winter – the biggest issues were not spending your last Amex travellers cheque so you could collect your mail and worrying whether the youth hostel you chose enforced the cleaning duties. Always a hard slog when nursing a turd of a hangover from the gallon of 5 franc quality vin du pays you bathed in the night before.


Nothing like a friendly, welcoming brewpub

Anyway, I had the brilliant idea of taking my kids to Europe to give them memories and let them experience it warm, fed and in no need of an erasable pen. I though they’d appreciate it, soak in different cultures and be jumping out of bed each morning ready for the next great memory. Boy did I get it wrong. I probably was aware but had wiped it from my mind but the the tether of WIFI has killed all this wide-eyed culture soaking.

It’s my fault but it is very hard to find an AirBnB sans WIFI. The day is now governed by how long we are away from the interweb. I wish I could send them home unaccompanied so Mrs botf and I could get on with all the experiences. Europe is wasted on the young.

Still, the pulled pork of a brewpub seems to be the same the world over as I found out at the Paname Brewery in the north west of Paris. The brewery sits on the Bassin de la Villette, a quite scenic man made canal. The added benefit of our role of searching out craft beers is going to out of the way areas like this – of the beaten track and not a fellow tourist to be seen,

The brewery was welcoming and warm and quietened the clamour for a digital fix from my offspring for a time. The beer list was healthy – thought the black IPA was unavailable disappointingly. And unlike it’s Aussie and US brethren, the idea of a tasting paddle has not seemed to have taken hold in local breweries. This requires skill on your correspondent’s part to increase dwell time so as to get thru a full tap list – no mean feat.

With supreme skills of distraction I sampled the Barge du Canal IPA, Casque d’Or Saison, Baron Rouge Irish Red and the Septimo 7 Pale Ale. The red was a stand out.

Panama Brewery
Address:41 bis Quai de la Loire
75019, Paris, France
(click for map)
Metro: Laumiere