Pearl Harbour & Honolulu Beerworks

Another one in the series of better late than never posts. Have had this post up the my sleeve for an age.

It is become the modus operandi of your #botf correspondents to combine a cultural/sporting activity with an offspring alongside a fortuitous stumble upon a craft brewery. This reduces significantly spousal pressure and, hey, with a young ‘un who knows what time you’ll be home … all that randomness.


So it was only natural to combine a trip Pearl Harbour (note correct spelling) with lunch at the Honolulu Beerworks … a brewpub pretty much in a direct line between Waikiki and the location of so much tragedy on December 7, 1941.

Pearl Harbour is a brilliant visit. Given the temptation for triumphant jingoism that could have tarnished the memorial, the result is outstanding. The introductory movie all visitors must view prior to embarking for the trip to the Arizona especially so. It is balanced and respectful, of both sides of the conflict. It ensures the short hop across to the Arizona is sombre and spent in quiet contemplation.

Anyways ..the Honolulu Beerworks is in an unprepossessing neighbourhood but is very well set up and has a super lunch menu. Better, however, is the cracking beer list and superb merch that goes with it. The merchandise is something the Americans really get right. Lots to learn here for Australian brewers.

I managed to punch out the Sheltered Bay IPA, Pia Mahi‘ai Saison, Point Panic Pale Ale, Kewalos Cream Ale & Makakilo Brown all before #2 son flagged that if he’s to be part of future subterfuges it was time to go home. Overall a must visit away from the ever multiplying ABC stores of downtown Waikiki.

Honolulu Beerworks
Address: 328 Cooke St. Honolulu, HI 96813 (select for map)