@hofbrauhousemelb – a Bavarian bolt hole in Melbourne’s Chinatown

An in situ post. 

Hofbräuhaus left, Flower Drum right

When I visit China I’m amazed at the obscure German beers I can pick up in the convenience stores and supermarkets. I’m experiencing a deja vu moment in Melbourne’s China Town.

Complete with Fraulien

In between two doyens of Melbourne’s Chinese food scene, namely Flower Drum and Shanghai Village Dumplings you can find the Hofbräuhaus. All around you are Chinese voices, smells, writing and buildings, but step through a modest door you enter a faux German après ski bar. Amazingly, the beer menu is as obscure as the Chinese convenience store range (with the exception of Hofbrau).

Arcobrau – old brewer

There’s a venerable brewer on this menu I’ve never heard of. Apparently Arcobrau (how does one umlaut?) has been brewing since 1567?!?. Anyway you can get 8 of their beers here. I’ve also never heard of irlbacher or Grunbacher, who also have beers available.

I really like this place. So much better than the the Munchen place on South Wharf that is so big it warrants its own post code. Oompahpah music interspersed with 99 LuftZballoons in a small setting. Definitely worth paying a visit when you are waiting for a table at Flower Drum.


The Hofbräuhaus: 18-28 Market Lane, Melbourne 3000