@austwinecentre moves and @PikesBeerCo Tonic Ale

42 Pitt Street

So a quick public service announcement for those that catch the ferry. Whilst Mr Liquor is the most proximate bottlo to Wharf 3, the Australian Wine Centre is always worth a visit if you aren’t rushing. As its name suggests, it is more about grape juice, the A(Wino)C carries an eclectic selection of beer and produce the occasional out there @untappd unique. They’ve just moved from their old location near Goldfields House to 42 Pitt Street.

Tonic Ale

An example of an occasional unique is Pike’s Tonic Ale. I’ve never seen this beer in any other bottlo. Pike’s Beer Company makes some wonderful beers. I struggle to go past their Pilsener Lager when I see it on a menu. Tonic Ale is highly unusual. It is a very light beer in ABV and colour. This 2%er is flavoured with citrus peel, ginger and coriander and is a cross between a beer and a herbal soft drink. I’ve seen it suggested that it be used as a mixer, particularly gin. Mrs Bladdamasta and daughter number 1 are enthusiastic consumers of G&Ts – so I tried the concept on them. Underwhelmed was the verdict but not unpotable. On its own, though it is a good quencher for a baking day on the Back of the Ferry.

Gin & Tonic Ale