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Drinking amongst the malt

A few weeks ago now I was able to pay a quick visit to a newish (2015) craft brewery in Marrickville. As has been the story of the BotF blog of late, this post got stuck in drafts. Because the Marrickville brewing scene is moving so fast, the story has (almost) become redundant. But as one door shuts (temporarily) another one opens.

A wall of wonder

Blackfont Brewhouse is a terrific craft beer venue in Marrickville. When I lived in Marrickville in the early 90s, I could have hardly imagined what the suburb would become and that it would challenge for the title of No.1 craft beer suburb in Sydney (but Brookvale will have something to say about that soon). You enter via Maude Lane around the back and not Meeks Rd. For such a tiny place, it provides a big experience. 

Nice merch

A steady stream of beer lovers soon filled the little cavern enjoying Blackfont’s challenging and tasty range of sours, weisse’s, browns and kolsches. The crowd probably had the highest obscure beer t-shirt ratio of any venue I’ve visited. Thank goodness I wore my Jing-A brewery shirt from Beijing. Was impressed when a punter said – “Been there – good beer”. Very experienced crowd. Amazingly, there’s 12 taps, including two nitros. The standout on the day was a couple of Berliner Weisses, including a lurid looking blackberry version. There’s a base weisse that you can flavour with 4 different syrups, including Woodruff, of which I’d never heard until my visit. Berliner Weisse is not my go-to style, but the blackberry was just beautiful. A tart sipper that went down a treat. 

A stunning beer – in looks and taste

The cavern bulged during the hour I visited. Kegs clanked as they were changed and the whole experience felt really organic. You drink next to bags of malt Normally I’d sign off with an exhortation to visit, but as per the attached image they’re closed for a while (but not forever). No matter, another brewer has just opened (as per the attached). Bucket Boys is the latest Marrickville venue. Gees, it is hard to keep up.

Blackfont Brewhouse: 92 Meeks Road, Marrickville NSW 2204

Bucket Boys: 300 Illawarra Road, Marrickville NSW 2204

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