Another new Marrickville brewer! @saucebrewing

So for a moment I thought there might actually be a contest between Marrickville and Brookvale for the suburb with the most number of breweries. Well, it is no contest – no mas – throw in the towel. It is Marrickville by a long way.
Somehow I became aware that Sauce Brewing was throwing a launch party at the Dove & Olive. 

The Sauce Brewing range

Fortuitously, I was returning home from the Goldie (more about that in a later post) and the Dove is a short walk up the hill from Central Station and the airport train. I probably missed the formalities, but I met the brewer – Mike Clarke (spells his name correctly). He gave me the good oil – beers brewed at Australian Brewery to his recipes, but he’s installing the brewery in Marrickville as we speak. Two standard beers – Hop Sauce Pale Ale, Mega-Hop Double IPA and a Special Batch Saucy Saison. The Mega-Hop is a fine beer, with a squintingly good finish. 

All the best, Mike and I look forward to visiting Sauce at the Source.