Spontaneously Fermented beer from @DrsOrderBrewin & Bridge Road @nakedned


Compelled. to try

Managed to sneak in half an hour and three middies of fabulously different beer late in the week. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try a collaboration between a BotF favourite (Doctor’s Orders) with Bridge Road.

The two brewers have gotten together to come up with a range of Berliner Weisse beers. There’s a four pack available from Bridge Road direct, but there’s also a couple of venues with them on tap. As originally created, a Berliner Weisse has its edge taken off with a squirt of syrup (like raspberry). The collaboration solves that by adding the fruit for you.


Beautiful taps

Hotel Sweeney’s might have been the first with ’em and the tap heads looked mighty fine with their double livery.

Four varieties available – base, rhubarb, raspberry and grapefruit. The barmaid enthusiastically recommended I blend them (rhubarb and grapefruit her suggestion), but time was limited. I tried the grapefruit first, which is a real thirst quencher. The raspberry was magic with a genuine raspberry taste (like the fruit not the lolly). The rhubarb didn’t come through, but if I lay my hands on the four pack, I’ll be giving that a go.

Definitely an experience worth trying.

Great looking beers