Sweeney’s Rooftop – even better


Trust me, there’s a mist

One of my favourite bars in Sydney is the rooftop bar on top of Hotel Sweeney’s. It’s three blocks from work, the bistro is awesome (value for money and quality Thai) and the taps are forever changing. Tomorrow (14/1/2016) will feature Doctor’s Orders and Bridge Road. 


The pipe delivers the spray

It’s brutally hot in Sydney (it’s looking a summer of extremes). Even with its umbrellas, the rooftop might have just been too hot. No problems for Sweeney’s, however. They’ve installed a water mist system, that pumps a fine spray of H2O in the air that manages to cool without really wetting you. Sheer brilliance and an inspiration for my own deck(s). All they need is a dumb waiter to bring up the food from the bistro and perfection would be just about achieved.

Address: Hotel Sweeney’s – 238 Clarence Street, Sydney

An example of Sweeney’s quality