Induction – Kieran #78

This correspondent’s last ferry journey for 2015 was a fine way to put the line under the year.  All bases covered – sun, no swell, a big cruiser at CQ, an induction and a solid quorum of existing members to enjoy it all.

Kieran was a big part of a significant moment in BotF’s @Untappd history. In July 2014, we were both in New York City and Kieran tolerated and even embraced my pursuit of a 2000th in @Untappd’s NYC’s home bar. Whilst none of my travelling companions have forgiven me for the choice of barley wine, Kieran still loves to find a crafty on tour.

And to the quesrions:

Favourite beverage: Beer

Favourite sport to spectate: First session of test match

Area of trivial expertise: Otago’s champion teams

Favourite bar: Mo’s (of Auckland)

Induction ceremony witnessed by illiards, oompaloompa, Steve and John.