A return to the Great Britain Hotel and a pint of GBH

In 2010 and 2011, this correspondent beat a frequent path to Melbourne. Many a post work debrief was spent in the pubs of the inner city suburbs. Yesterday, I had the good fortune to revisit one of my favourites – the Great Britain Hotel.

The GBH and GBH draught

I liked it because of its in-house tap beer, which was appealingly named “Piss“. Naturally a post was written about the experience. Piss is no longer available. Didn’t have a chance to enquire as to why, but perhaps the staff tired of sniggering requests for “a pot of Piss, thanks”. It has been replaced or perhaps Piss’ name has been replaced by GBH Draught. (Not a bad name either way you interpret it). 

Furphy and a street view

Also on tap is Furphy Refreshing Ale. This kolsch style beer comes from Little Creatures’ Geelong Brewery and is Victorian to its boot strap. The navy and white livery, the big V and its ingredients are all Victorian. A pretty good beer, which does what it suggest. Keep an eye for it.

Last time I visited the Great Britain Hotel, the portrait above the door was of an unrecognisable (to me) man of Middle Eastern appearance. No doubting who looks over the entrance at the moment.