Where’s the XXXX, Great Northern’s rise and Rainbow Beach SLSC

Since Thursday, your correspondent has been partaking in angling and acquatic activities at beautiful Rainbow Beach and surrounds. I’m in the company of BotF’s former NE Asian correspondent, Tony from Toowoomba, who knows this area like the back of his hand. There’s plenty to do as highlighted in previous posts by TfT and I over the years. Slaking one’s thirst after a day of fishing or beach driving is one of those. Now whilst I didn’t cover a huge sample of venues I’ve been shocked at how hard CUB is working to relegate XXXX.

The Great Northern…sorry.. the Rainbow Beach Hotel

A couple of pubs I visited didn’t offer XXXX on tap and the introduction of Great Northern livery is very pervasive. The Rainbow Beach Hotel has so much Great Northern signage now you’d be forgiven for thinking it has actually been renamed the Great Northern. This is confusing particularly given the presence of two iconic pubs in Sydney and Melbourne called the Great Northern. 

Great Northern & Rainbow Beach Gold

On the plane I was offered “a XXXX” and got a Gold. It seems that’s the XXXX that is being pushed in Qld in preference to the legendary XXXX Bitter. The prevalence of 3.5% mids in Qld is also noticeable. Great Northern Super Crisp, Carlton Mid, Cricketers Arms JourneyMan, XXXX Gold and Australian Beer Co’s Gold, which is badged as the pub’s or location’s own beer. All 3.5% ABV and lagerish. 

Coopers – relatvely supreme value


In the Rainbow Beach Hotel’s bottle shop, XXXX Bitter is available (took a photo to confirm its existence), but the Great Northern cases dominate 3 to 1. The natives are being nailed though, getting charged $52 for a case of 330ml stubbies, whereas a case of a far superior beer (in 375ml stubbies no less) is $51. Fight the good fight Coopers!


XXXX Bitter – it still exists

A great place to slake one’s thirst is the Rainbow Beach SLSC. What a sensational job they’ve done on this place. It’s been opened up to provide some of the best views of a beach in the world and Rainbow Beach, particularly to the south and Double Island Point, is one of the best beaches in the world. Honest tucker is pumped out of the kitchen and kids get a good deal. Highly recommended for a feed and to digest as while watching the activities on the beach and the surf. 

Rainbow SLSC Views