4 Pines – The Story of Pale Ale

The backoftheferry boys feel a strong affinity with 4 Pines. Our timelines align, roughly, from inception to our current rough edged adolescence. Of course 4 Pines have gone from strength to strength whereas backoftheferry has settled for a kind of mediocrity where a free beer is our main KPI.

So we always feel very chuffed to get a bait to all the 4 Pines launches and openings – which are occurring at an ever increasing rate.

The launch of the new IPA range at the incredible newly expanded 4 Pines HQ at Brookvale is the current occasion. Your correspondent had to fly solo due to our dear leader being incapacitated. However the crowd was welcoming and the entertainment compelling.

Six pale ales (‘The Bastards‘) were launched in sequence as the “The story of Pale Ale”, each with a verbal introduction. English IPA, American IPA, NZ Pale Ale, an Australian Pale Ale, Belgian and finally the famous 4 Pines Pale Ale.

Tonight was not a night for rating beers (all were very good) but a night for celebrating the fact I have a brilliant brewery that is expanding its front of house two blocks from mine.