Welcome to Singapore – Brewerkz Orchard

Your correspondent is on a flying visit to Singapore, a place I’ve only visited once before, well before Back of the Ferry began. I remember it as hot and expensive then and upon first impressions nothing has changed.

Due to the supreme efficiency of Changi airport and possibly awesome tailwinds I pulled into my hotel about the time I was supposed to land. More good fortune awaited, and I was delighted to discover that an outlet of Brewerkz was less than a block from my hotel.

It was late, so it wasn’t a big sesh and thank goodness because it would have sent me broke. I’m not sure what the opposite of happy hour is but according to the beer and price list I was in its grip. A Singapore dollar is about one Aussie after you’ve been bent over by the exchange rate sharks. $12 for a 375ml of heady Golden Ale. Faaarrk me. Not a bad beer, but for that sort of dough, you’d want an angel crying on your tongue at the very least. Fiscal constraint turned me to the sampler rack.

Brewerkz’s range is solid. Nothing’s a standout, but the X IPA wa a quality example of the style and held the high ABV well. The Black Raspberry Ale was jam mixed with beer. The fridges offer takeaway, which is good. Air conditioning worked in the hotel.