The first trip in the new daylight saving season

The clarion call had not gone out, but no call needed to be made. The founding firm of Back of the Ferry all ambled onto the stern of the MV Freshwater and assumed the position to enjoy the first ferry trip of the Daylight Savings season.

The weekend’s glorious weather had morphed into the working week and the 6.30 ferry trip provided a sunny start and a pink hued finish. There’s never a bad time to get the ferry, but the first day of Daylight Savings is special.

The event was marked with the creation of Back of the Ferry’s Instagram account. @backoftheferry will feature photos of or from the Backs of Ferries. We figure that our other channels are chock full of beer, plus our wives follow Instagram. No doubt the Manly Ferry will feature prominently, but there’ll be other boats making an appearance, I’m sure.