The Coopers Ale House at Sydney Airport

This correspondent has been fortunate enough to have access to Airport Lounges when travelling most of the time. Airports aren’t the place for a novel beer experience and for me it is just about getting on the flight and destination bound. There’s only one place I’ve deviated from the Club Lounge and that’s in Adelaide where the Coopers Bar was an absolute ripper in 2006. Pommy_ch and I used to always finish meetings promptly and skedaddle to the airport for some ice cold Coopers and merchandise. It was pretty popular and they could afford to manage a good range on tap – Coopers Dark anyone?

I’ve been forced to fly Virgin of late, which means no Club. Pleasant surprise to get to Sydney and see a Coopers Ale House is available. Gave it a go and if you have to wait around, there’s worse places. That said, it ain’t the Adelaide version either. Airports are notorious for relieving you of funds with speed for little return. The Sydney version of the Ale House at least has some decent value on the menu for a snack.

There’s 4 varieties of Coopers on tap – Sparkling, Pale, Mild and Celebration. Celebration was one of the more underwhelming beers I’ve had recently, but on tap it showed more hops than I remember. The wings were plentiful for $11.90 (gargantuan in airport-serve terms) and there’s live League. So, if you have to wait around at Terminal 2, head to Gate 40. The walk is worth it and you don’t get stuck at the lamentable and over-priced Tap House.