Carrington Falls and a Smokey Red from Mudgee

It is BotF on tour this weekend in the Southern Highlands with a number of members enjoying the Easter Break. Untappd uniques abound and there’s plenty of opportunities for beerp0rn against some spectacular backdrops.

Carrington Falls is 10kms out of Robertson, 7kms along the Jamberoo Mountain Road. Like all the Falls in this part of the world the National Parks have made it very easy to take in the view. It is a comfortable drive to a carpark, from which it is an 100m walk to the lookout. The falls drop 50 metres into the Kangaroo River. Access is also provided to the river behind the waterfall and provided you don’t suffer from vertigo you get a sensational perspective of the drop.

We carried a bottle of Mudgee Smokey Red with us. The beer label hyperbole had us salivating for what promised to be a full-bodied red. Tragedy befell us, however and due to a combination of being bobbed around on the bushwalk and possibly a faulty seam – the bottle burst at the bottom, spraying beer all over the car. I managed a couple of drops, but really to get to Mudgee again to pick up another. Fortunately the beer was indeed rich and the aroma that has developed in the car isn’t too bad.

There’s other attractions near the Falls. A highlight is Nellies Glen, which is on the right before the falls. A 100m walk through the bush brings you to a large pool backed by a broad 4m cascade. It is a magical place. The pool is quite deep, but you can walk around the edge and get in behind the waterfall. The water might get warmer, but a couple of hardy ones amongst us got in and made it behind the tumbling water.