On the Back of the Cheung Chau ferry

After 7 straight days of rain, mist, cloud and fog, Hong Kong has turned some sun. Whilst it still has to struggle through a layer of high haze, there’s some heat to it so it is sunnies on and time to get the ferry to Cheung Chau. There’s two options – 55 minute slow and 35 minute fast. Pleasingly the slow boat lets you stand or sit out the Back.

What a trip. The strait between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon is constantly heaving with activity. Cruise ships, Turbojets to Macau, junks, Star Ferries, tankers, container ships, fishing boats, the place is permanently on the go. 55 minutes flashes by as you take in the sights. You’ve just got to do this trip.

Cheung Chau itself is worth the journey. It is little island with 30,000 people on it. There are no cars allowed and it is extremely chilled. The ferry harbour side dances with all sorts of fishing boats and the boardwalk has plenty of seafood restaurants, dried fish shops and souvenir sellers. The Island is a dumb bell shape and the walk to the other side in the middle takes very little time. There’s a beach which is famous for being the home of Hong Kong’s gold medallist for windsurfing.
At one end of the beach is the Cheung Chau Life Saving Association. Their logo should be on a t-shirt. Beyond the Life Saving Assoication is the Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre and bar, which was regrettably closed for renovations. This would be a sensational place to chill in the right weather conditions, with beach views, covered decks and apparently German beer.

I found a place called Bingo Bar on the Harbour side, but it was also closed. Not having much luck on the daytime bars. Valor beer is made by San Miguel in the Hong Kong New Territories. Nothing like an UnTappd unique on a unique Back of the Ferry ride. Wonderful (the ride not the beer)