No drinking on the Back of the Macau to Kowloon Ferry

I was looking forward to my ferry trips between Hong Kong and Macau. I had a couple cans of dodgy Asian Untappd uniques with me and there was some spectacular beerp0rn opportunities. Well I was thwarted on all counts. Firstly there is no Back of the Ferry. No-one is allowed outside during the voyage. Secondly, I’ve visited during a particularly wet time, so even if the windows weren’t covered in rain, the mist and low clouds renders the view opaque.

They do sell beer on the Hong Kong – Macau Turbojet. In economy, the vile Blue Girl beer is sold for $4.20 for a 330ml tin. I’d have busted out my crappy Asian cans, but I’m oddly compliant with Chinese authorities. After all, I’ve got another seven days here. They might have more variety in Super Class, but given the inclement conditions and no outdoor activity I wasn’t going to pay extra to find out.

The ferry system out of Hong Kong is pretty flash. Had I obtained a Chinese Visa this time around I was going to go to Shenzen by ferry and come back from Zhongshan by ferry. The journeys are relatively cheap (HK to Macau is $22). You get a good look at the rugged Hong Kong Islands on the way and the variety of sea craft is amazing. Hopefully on the slow ferry to Cheung Chau there’ll be some outdoor action.

I was on the red boat below.