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Donny’s, Dumplings, Dad & Dave’s – an alliterative combo

7 Market Lane

7 Market Lane

Back in the early days of Back of the Ferry, we wrote about a cool new bar in Manly. Almost four years later, as a symbol of Manly’s growth as a bar district, we are now writing about another new bar in Manly, except that it has taken over the space occupied by the old one. The Space Bar was a mezzanine bar above a beautician. Donny’s Bar has taken over the whole space and offers two stories of small barness.

Obligatory tattooed barman

Obligatory tattooed barman

If it isn’t tacos, then dumplings appear to a de rigeur small bar menu item. Donny’s offers 5 varieties. My vegetarian daughter accompanied me and she gave the thumbs up to her “King Organic Vegetable” dumplings. My crispy Chicken & Shitake dumplings were fine also. The burgers look well priced and there’s also the obligatory slider item as well.

Stubbie and bar

Stubbie and bar

Donny’s Bar might have a size issue on the keg front and it’s cocktail menu is far more extensive that the beer menu. When I visited there was one beer on tap – Monteiths Pale Ale – and there were pouring issues. Dad & Dave’s #1 Pale Ale is available in stubbies along with a couple of Murray’s varieties. It looks like Donny’s is a night time venue with an emphasis on live music.

Dumplings, burgers, sliders

Dumplings, burgers, sliders

It’s good to see another option in Manly. Donny’s isn’t bringing anything new to the table (so far as I could see), but the fit-out’s cool. Yes – the cocktails are served in jars, the barman looks hipster and the food menu is straightforward – but if they do it well, no-one will be complaining.

Dumplings - fresh

Dumplings – fresh

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