In situ posting, Ruddles and Two Birds


It’s been a wild Melbourne like day in Sydney. Sunny, cold snap, drenching rain and now sunny and becoming warm. Now perfect conditions for an early trip home.

Vintage Cellars at Wynyard has the odd unique and BotF’s great friend, Pete (yet to be inducted) tipped us off to a couple. Not too sure what to make of the Ruddles. Starts bland, but kicks, but not with the coffee/caramel that the label suggests. One for an open glass another time.


It’s still windy and some big yachts are out. There’s a chill in the wind, but the sun’s taking the edge off. One of these days I’ll do Two Birds Sunset Ale with the classic BotF sunset, but for the time being it still looks pretty good. One of the best beers going around and good to see them in Vintage Cellars.