Induction – Reynold and Michael A #57 #58



Another colleague of this correspondent, who has heard plenty about the Back of the Ferry going’s on. Has done the journey before, but before BotF was born.

Reynold is Swiss, which explains the unusual sport choice. Well, at least it wasn’t handball.

Favourite beverage: Red wine

Favourite sport to spectate: Ice Hockey

Area of trivial expertise: Foreign languages

Michael A

Michael A

Michael’s a patriotic New Zealander and is a bloke to avoid around Bledisloe Cup, particularly the way the Wallabies have been playing (or haven’t as the case maybe).

Favourite beverage: Speights

Favourite sport to spectate: Rugby Union

Area of trivial expertise: 80’s pop DD Smash anyone

Induction witnessed by illiards and bladdamasta