Induction – Paul #50



Inductions will be flying thick and fast this week. It was hard to believe that there’d be any inductions today when Manly got absolutely nailed by a very localised thunderstorm. 62mm or almost 2 and half inches in the old language fell in a couple of hours. This correspondent resembled a drowned rat after try to cover 50m from a car to Manly Wharf. Come the 5.30pm ferry and we were blessed with occasional sun and patchy blue sky.

I’ve been meaning to do this trip with Paul for some time and we almost didn’t make it – but the guys on the gate at CQ are forgiving types these days. Actually it is impressive Paul made it at all having survived an epic pub crawl on Saturday organised by a future inductee. A story for another day. And to the important questions

Favourite beverage: Hahn Super Dry

Favourite sport to spectate: International rugby union

Area of trivial expertise: Ancient Greek History

Induction witnessed by Lamb0, pommy_ch and bladdamasta.