Fyshwick Redux

The backoftheferry returned to our nation’s capitol recently to enjoy a few of our countries best craft beer venues. One a brewery. The other a bottlo. Both venues feature in earlier posts (here and here) but they are of such high quality a second write up cannot be avoided.

Both venues also happen to be in Fyshwick. Growing up in the 70s and 80s I always associated Fyshwick with graining, imported betamax pornography. I never actually owned or purchased any….but when my I overheard my parents talking and they mentioned Fyshwick, for whatever reason, innuendo and muted laughter followed.


Craft beer and pig on a spit. Perfect!


Canberra is 100

Zierholz Brewery is located in the backblocks but the beer is superb. Canberra was 100 this year and the first cab off the rank was the Birthday Beer IPA. Solid with a nice IPA ‘squint’. While consuming the IPA, and the Zierholz Amber that followed, I attempted to punch out the Pork Knuckle Special on the lunch board. As people who know me will attest, I can eat my bodyweight at lunch but the knuckle defeated me. The quality was unquestionable, the portion simply gigantic.
Next stop was Plonk. Located in Fyshwick Markets, Plonk is indescribable. I somehow moved my bloated thorax the 3 or 4 blocks to Plonk. The craft beer choice on offer was incredible. I had filled my basket with 10 cracking long necks and had moved on to pay when I realised all I had perused was the NZ range!


Plonk! Craft beer heaven

Australian War Memorial

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I also managed to visit some other sites in Canberra including the War Memorial. Always a good visit, worthy of mention is the relatively recent introduction of a closing ceremony where the record and experiences of one of Australia’s war dead are remembered. Pretty moving stuff.