Chopfab Trueb – rebranded Aussie craft beer

During BotF’s recent trip to Switzerland we were very surprised to find what looks to be an Australian Craft Beer being marketed and brewed in Europe. There is no less than six different beers in the stable but unfortunately the website is all in German and Google translate didn’t really help a lot.
It appears as if Doppelleu Brewery which opened in Feb 2013 might have bought the Aussie recipe from somebody. Again no mention of Australia on the web despite forensic research for which BotF is so well known for.

BotF sampled the Chopfab Trueb and was delighted to find some very familiar flavours. The Trueb is very much a similar tasting beer to a McClaren Vale Vale Ale or a Knappstein with strong citrusy flavours and possibly the use of Sauvin hops. What is even more surprising is that the vertical label on the neck of the stubbie actually mentions that it is an Australian Golden Ale which is just visible in the photo insert if you look closely.

Time didn’t allow BotF to sample the other five brews but this will remain on the “to do” list for our next visit. In addition to a more detailed investigation of the Aussie lineage.