Monsteiner Huusbier and Berghotel Schatzalp

A 225 year company anniversary bought BotF to a unique place in Switzerland. Davos is best known for the annual World Economic Forum but is also highest city in the European Alps. The Berghotel Schatzalp is a fabulous venue largely still in its original state just above the city. It was once a hotel for lung disease patients who benefited from the high altitude and no doubt the surrounding panoramic.

BotF was also delighted to find that Davos has its own beer. Despite extensive research no mention of Monsteiner Huusbier could be found on the Internet and we suspect it is truly local. After an afternoon of hiking, traditional Swiss wrestling and summer bobsledding the Monsteiner offered a welcome titilation.

No preservatives or additives in this beer and the patrons recommended consumption is best after freshly brewed. Maybe it is the environs or the activity but BotF cannot recently recall when a liquid tasted so good. Well bodied with honeyed undertones, a wonderfully cloudy texture and colour. When in Davos climb a mountain and find the Monsteiner it is well and truly worth the exercise.