The Brew still punching out great craft beers

The sojourn to Shanghai to team up Bladdamaster for a fabulous couple days of beer-exploration would have been remiss without a visit to our old friend Leon at the Brew. Not much has changed the offing is still fantastic but judging by the number of awards since our last visit the Brew is definitely gaining notoriety. BotF is not at all surprised by the success.

Choices are difficult at the Brew, review of the beer menu had both correspondents salivating with the only solution being a sampling tray. Bladdamaster’s pensive anticipation was clearly evident.

Once again Mash was the clear standout. A wonderfully citrusy flavoured ale that lingers with the partaker well after sampling. It is not for the light of heart though. Our Chinese friends who joined us are more comfortable with watery but flavorsome beers available in China were physically shaken by the oral delights of Mash.

Shanghai really does offer a fantastic array for craft beer lovers, the groovy bars in the French Concession and also those in the modern part of the city. If the Brew lack any “grooviness” relative to its location it more than makes up for that in the quality of its beers. Congratulations on your success Leon keep punching them out and we look forward to our next visit.