BotF Blender

Charlie, Gav, Pat and Mike

This correspondent is lucky to be a member of two long standing traditions. 4 years ago whilst celebrating a birthday of one of tonight’s inductees, the idea of a regular tennis night was mooted.

A week later four middle-aged men were darting about a tennis court at the Neutral Bay Club. That tradition continues to this day with a solid quintet of players and much laughter and muscle strains to show for it.

Whilst not of the Christmas Party calibre of celebration, this anniversary needed to be recognised and accordingly a night out at 4Pines for dinner was agreed upon.

Of course the subject of transportation arose and that’s where the blending of these two traditions began.

A stunning night adorned us last Wednesday with fellow BotF member bladdamasta in attendance for the induction. As it turned out these new members’ paths had crossed with with said correspondent and plenty of conversation ensued as we navigated Sydney Harbour en-route to Manly.

Suffice to say a great night was had by all with stops made at Hemmingways, The Steyne (walk-through) and the Manly Wharf Bar. Looking forward to the 5th anniversary.

Below are the all important details:

Favourite beverage: Lord Nelson Three Sheets
Favourite sport to spectate: Rugby Union
Area of trivial expertise: Intricacies of C. Dickthorpe’s love life

Favourite beverage: Pinot Noir
Favourite sport to spectate: Rugby League
Area of trivial expertise: Manly Sea Eagles after 1975

Favourite beverage: Coffee in the morning, Shiraz at night
Favourite sport to spectate: Football (I think he means Soccer…?)
Area of trivial expertise: New Wave 1977-85

Favourite beverage: West Coast Cooler
Favourite sport to spectate: Synchronised Swimming
Area of trivial expertise: Banking systems of Latvia in the early 18th Century

Note: Details above for inductee Mike may not be accurate…