Out the Back of the Devonport Ferry

Since Monday, this correspondent has been in Auckland. There is plenty to like about this water bound city and upon my return to Sydney I’ll share some of the highlights where I can access a real computer and properly post. In the meantime, I’ll observe via an iPhone post.

Devonport is a seaside suburb on Auckland’s North Shore. It has its own North Head which “guards as a sentinel to the entry to Waitemata Harbour”. It is a delightful but all too short 12 minute journey across Waitemata Harbour. The Fullers ferry that does the trick is a push-me-pull-me number (technical maritime vessel terminology) with a small but functional Back of area. Whilst probably not designed for the purpose a convenient stand for beerporn juts out from the stern(s).

From all reports, many Fullers Ferries have bars. The bar on our boat was well stocked for a 12 minute journey and one or two of the tourists took advantage of a small bottle of giggle juice. I went for a unique and therefore tolerated an Amstel Light. I’d already enjoyed some delightful Tuatara beers in Devonport itself that will be the subject of another post. Another Back of the Ferry experience discovered and done.