Singapore Craft Beer at LeVel33

Singapore is often visited as a 2-3 day stopover on the way to a destination further afield and/or on the way home. This correspondent bucked the trend and visited the Lion City for a week, without going further afield.

The heat and humidity from which there was no escape whilst outdoors was a welcome change from a cold Sydney winter. But the stifling heat did get the better of me a few times such that I had to seek refuge in the ridiculously large shopping malls.

Several sensational meals at the famous hawker centres saw the Mrs and I mixing with the locals while enjoying truly authentic meals for $3!

However, as the trip led to a grand finale, we decided to go high class at a roof top restaurant with our ex-pats friends.  The restaurant was LeVel33 (yes, that’s a capital V, not a typo). I did a quick internet search prior to setting off – I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that LeVel33 doubles as a high end restaurant and…….a craft beer brewery! I had previously read about the growing craft beer scene in Singapore, but had failed to see any up until dining at LeVel33.

Upon entry, patrons walk past the massive brewing infrastructure that lines the corridor – I was in heaven!

Entry to LeVel33 past all the brewery equipment.

At LeVel33, seasonal beers are crafted quarterly and available until the tap runs dry. There were 4 such seasonal  beers on offer during our visit. A new one was in the process of being brewed that will be available next week – The Pumpkin Ale.

I tried the 33.2 Pale Ale, which is described as:

Medium bodied with a dry aftertaste; it possesses classic hoppy characteristics of the traditional IPA – originally crafted to last the arduous journey across the Indian Ocean.

This drop was outstanding – a smooth and easy drink that was perfect for the view from the LeVel33 balcony. I’ll struggle to top the beer porn for this drop, the Marina Bay Sands complex in the background has become a Singapore icon.

LeVel33 Pale Ale – sensational beer porn for this easy to drink beer (Marina Bay Sands in the background).

Next cab off the rank was the 33.3 Stout, which is described as:

A re-discovery of the original Irish stout crafted using the authentic brewing principles from Ireland, the full-bodied 33.3 Stout is flavourful and silky with a sweet roasty aftertaste.

This was also a very smooth and easy to drink beer – probably a little too easy to drink as I was expecting a full bodied meal in a cup. But instead it was not as dense as expected.

LeVel33 Stout with the bar in the background.

The sensational food at LeVel33 matched the great view and the fascinating craft beer equipment. A great end to a top week in Singapore – a destination that no longer has to be prefaced with a “via” somewhere else.

The melting pot of cultures that makes up the Singapore population was a great experience, from local Singaporeans, Chinese, Malaysians, Indians, and Westerner ex-pats – the mix of people was all around.