A mass Mexican induction

botf induction

From somewhere in blighty

There’s nothing your botf members like more than showing off their fair city from the botf. This correspondent works for an enterprise with a corporate head office in Melbourne so it’s with pleasure that I inducted a few colleagues from Mexico. We followed up with a visit to 4 Pines for their Oktoberfest kickoff. Spectacular.

Firstly, can I introduce Graham.

Favourite beverage: Flowers IPA
Favourite sport to spectate: Ice Hockey
Trivial strength: Entertainment

botf induction

From somewhere in Ireland

May I also introduce Grainne.

Favourite beverage: Budvar
Favourite sport to spectate: Basketball
Trivial strength: Famous faces

botf induction

From round here

Last but not least, Peter.

Favourite beverage: Margaritas
Favourite sport to spectate: Jelly wrestling
Trivial strength: General knowledge