Induction – Ella #41


Tonight the old crusties that make up the Back of the Ferry crew were joined by a very enthsiastic inductee. Ella has been longing to make the pages of BotF, and given her unseen contribution to some of our finest/questionable beertography it was the least we could do. Ella was extremely organised and brought her own (non-alcoholic) beer for her induction shot. Ella held her own during a conversation that roamed through the topics of Australian Rules, prime ministers, Australian Rules, barristers, Latin vs Mandarin in public schools, old mates, cardboard speakers and finally Australian Rules.

So to the important questions.

Favourite Beverage: Bundaberg Pink Grapefruit.

Favourite sport spectate: Goalball

Area of trivial expertise: Political dictators suffering from monochism

The induction ceremony was witnessed by bladdamasta, illiards and Gerald.

A delightful dusk