The view from the Turn Bar

A short sharp post from the Back of the Ferry, literally. This photo gives an idea as why we love travelling home this way. The view is from the Turn Bar or off Bradley’s Head as the Manly Ferry gracefully turns left for the run to Manly. The bridge, the Opera House et al are silhouetted by the red sky and it is just magnificent.

You are on standard pace if you are draining your first as the ferry lurches port side. My beer is not a BotF blog unique, but is an @untappd unique which is a good thing. 900 is in sight. Due to meet @illiards at @4Pinesbeer for Oktoberfest in half an hour. This may not be the last post of the evening. BTW, Windhoek – Namibian Lager – not unpotable, but plenty better malt drops around.