Churchill IPA and the witty reposte

When Winston Churchill is mentioned two things comes to your correspondent’s mind.

The first, was his sponsorship of the disaster that was Gallipoli and the second was his mastership of the witty reposte.

At Gallipoli his misguided strategies led to the death of 11,000 Australian and New Zealand troops. Though it must be mentioned that over 20,000 British troops also died in the Dardanelles down the road at Cape Helles. Churchill did go on to admit his errors regarding the Dardanelles and when an all-party coalition government was formed in Britain soon after, the Conservatives demanded his demotion as their price for a seat at the table for his party.

As for his witty retorts, there are many. My favourite;
Lady: “Mr Churchill, you are drunk.”
Winston Churchill: “And you madam, are ugly. But I shall be sober tomorrow.”

The Churchill “Honourable” IPA is brewed by Oxfordshire Ales and pays homage to Churchill with all ingredients grown, captured and brewed at, near or on his birthplace, residence etc etc. It harks back to IPAs before they became the flavour of the month here in Oz and started being front loaded with hops. It is a bit unrefined but I like that. I remember when James Squire first launched an IPA before the current craze and it tasted like this. It was different and it was good.