QR Code Beer

QR Codes are a funny thing. Personally, I think done right – they’re very useful. Problem is, most brands don’t know how to use them and often they fall very flat.

Guinness thankfully have used them very well in a recent campaign – combining Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (I’m sure Untappd was an oversight soon to be rectified)

The upshot for the 253 year old brewer is a very clever blend of good old-fashioned consumption and 21st Century marketing. The really clever thing is that unlike most FMCG marketing campaigns that require you to consumer before you can enjoy – this campaign only works when your chalice is full! How beer brand is that!

The possibilitites are endless with this sort of marketing as the QR Code can link to any website and with geo-location now a very real and powerful marketing tool – connecting 1 on 1 with your consumer is a doddle.

Click image below to view.

Guinness QR Code Cup