Big Heads and Sharks

Beer has been around in one form or another for over 8,000 years. During some periods in history it was the safest thing to drink.” – this is the greeting on the Philosophy page of the Burleigh Brewing website – brewer of BIGHEAD; Australia’s first no carb beer.

Whilst visiting the Southern Highlands Mrs Dickthorpe mentioned that we needed to top up supplies for an overnight stay. She emerged with a case of Pinot, a six-pack of Fat Yak (a firm favourite of BotF) and a single bottle of BIGHEAD.

She remarked, “A review is a must for a new brew, isn’t it?” Who was I to disagree!

The first sip didn’t give me The Fizz, but it did invite another sip which I’m glad to say was 150% better than the first and it got better and better from there. The “no carb” thing was an initial turn-off, but rest assured that updating the blog for the U9 Sharks was improved with the addition of this rather nice tipple.

A brief look at the Calorie King website reports that Fat Yak contains 11.7g or 4% Carbohydrate per bottle. So “No Carbs” can’t be that bad a thing if the taste is retained as it is in the BIGHEAD.

I don’t think it would be a very good session beer, but it’s worthwhile keeping a few in the fridge for a crisp whetting of the whistle from time to time.

Check out the Burleigh Brewing Co. They’ve got a rather good looking range.