Fat Yak Pale Ale – the benchmark

Fat Yak Pale Ale

Full Circle

Your correspondent had been merrily posting away and rating pubs on inclusion or not of Fat Yak Pale Ale in their list of tap beers. What I had totally missed is that the el primo drop itself had not been reviewed. Here it is.

This beer is simply beautiful. Fat Yak is rich and flavoursome, a bit of a malt aftertaste and very easy drinking. It unseated my previous preference for Monteiths Golden Lager. Produced by Matilda Bay Brewing Company, it has an impressive range of sibling beers that appear throughout BotF and others that will soon. Matilda Bay started in Freo, WA and produced Redback, one of the first boutique style local beers that I recall. They have moved to VIC and seriously increased the range.

The photo also includes ‘the baja’ referred to in earlier posts. Back in all her second hand glory, she takes pride of place on the kitchen wall.