Excuse Me, Monteith’s, There’s a Twig in My Cider

A very clever stunt from a relatively small brewer in NZ. The idea is from one of the smartest ad agencies going around.

When consumers find a dead mouse or body part inside their food, it generally causes a lot of noise on TV, online and in social media. That got Colenso BBDO thinking about how they could get such attention for their client, New Zealand cider company Monteith’s.

In a stunt for the ages, the agency put a few twigs inside bottles of cider, and waited for the customer complaints to start pouring in.

Once enough buzz was achieved, the company issued an apology: Sorry about the twigs, folks. But that’s what happens when the fruit in Monteith’s cider comes from a tree, not a can.

[via AdAge.com]