Little Creatures – Rogers

This BoTF correspondent has arrived back in OZ for 3 weeks of R&R with the family.

Bladdamasta has suggested a post from Toowoomba would have been good but the best I can do was review a sample tried at Toowoomba. Various Little Creatures brews have been reviewed before but in the spirit of responsible drinking I don’t think that Rogers has made it to the BoTF beer list.

This is without doubt the best mid-strength beer that this correspondent has sampled. Last week at the Spotted Cow in Toowoomba I partook in a session of Rogers during a Xmas catchup and fell in love with it. Its full of hoppy flavour and all one would expect of a very decent brown non-lite ale.

Definitely one to keep in the back of your mind at that Xmas party when nominated drivers are scare.